Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Artist's Studio

This is the weekend for Greenville Open Studios where 140 artists open the doors to their studios and invite the public in to see where all the work takes place.  We love going every year and visit different artists.
Come along with us and visit a few artists.  This is a large building turned into an art studio by Suzy Hart.  It is just what I imaged a studio would look like.  The large window lets in glorious light!
We visited Bob Chance and saw his kiln for his ceramics.  
This is a pizza oven that Bob Chance uses to cook pizza while he fires his wood fired kiln. (Artists!).
Then we drove to the top of Paris Mountain to visit Kent Ambler in his studio.  He is a print maker and does incredible work.  But that is for dear husband to look at.  I just love the whole concept of a place dedicated to creation ...and a place of seclusion to work.
Dear husband caught me in the picture above.  This room was previously a basement den or family room.  What a cool studio.
This is the print he was working on today.  The entire house was covered in art.  Very inspirational!
 This the inspiring view from the screened porch.

 Then we drove to see Joe Mckinney  and came upon this lovely home.  Joe met us at the door and  invited us in to see his murals.  
This mural in the dining room gives it a majestic feel.  I thought it was beautiful!
 This mural is painted in the stairs.  I wish I had taken a better picture that included the stairs.  Joe's studio was a room on the second floor where he plans his murals but his work is done on location.
What a beautiful day to visit artists.  There were several other artist's studios we visited but we were too involved in conversation or eating cheese and crackers to remember to take pictures.  I hate that because we saw many other artists: another potter, a glass blower, a jewelry maker, and a musical instrument maker.  We saw all kinds of studios today with incredible work. Thank you for visiting today.  I know many of you have studios and have posted pictures of them.  Have a great week!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”      Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island



  1. Now this is something Hubby and I would love to do. I wished I was an artist, but I do admire people that are. Truly a gift from God.

  2. Thanks a lot for taking me on the tour, I really enjoyed it! -I only wish I have a small studio room! I love those murals!

  3. It must have been so much fun---a really different experience!

  4. What a great tour!All those talented people in one area...amazing!!