Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Tour of Homes in GA

Georgia is a beautiful state and we try to drive down every year
around Easter for the Washington Wilks Spring Tour of Homes.
Here are a few pictures from our visit Saturday.  If you go next
year, be sure to eat a great lunch at the Washington First United
Methodist Church.  Lunch IS wonderful!

For over twenty years, we have traveled through Georgia to
Florida for spring break.  We drove by this house every year
and this year it was on the house tour!  More pictures of it are
on my April 10th Pink Saturday post.

This house is about a half mile down the road.  It is still a part of the
original 40 acres.

I took so many pictures of the inside of the houses that I forgot
to take the outside of the others.

Some houses were not on the tour but I just thought they were beautiful!

Yes, this house is for sale.  It was once a bed and breakfast with a
fantastic gourmet kitchen!

Well, that's enough houses for today.  I love to look at old houses but
when it comes to fixing them up, I might just go broke!  Time to get
back to working on my blue cottage today.  We will be working on
the homeplace in Alabama at the end of next week and going on
another spring tour of homes!  I love spring time and house tours,
but again, you have to "Love the House You're In!"



  1. Lottie, you ARE a kindred spirit! I could spend forever admiring old homes (inside and out). There is a feeling inside an old home I just can't explain. It is such a comfortable feeling; like your favorite sweater on a cold day. Thank you for posting all the beautiful homes today!

  2. I love to tour old homes!! I've always wanted to own one!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. What beautiful homes! I love looking a homes and these are so fascinating! My hubby has been looking at a lot lately (some old, some newer) contemplating a purchase!! Thanks for warming my heart and brighening my day as always.

  4. Hi Lottie, I'm so excited that you're cleaning out your closets this week. I'm so glad my blog could be an inspiration to you. I was wondering if you have an email? I like to email my followers when they leave comments and I didn't see an address for you. Just wondering :)

  5. Somehow I forgot to include my email. It is

    Thank you for pointing that out!