Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Purple Thoughts - Outdoor Wednesday

It is Outdoor Wednesday and I want to share with you some of my
favorite purple flowers.  The first is Wisteria.  This cove at the lake is
about a mile from our home. We visited the cove last night just to see
the Wisteria blooming.  Oh, it was so intoxicating to stand on the dock
and smell the sweet aroma of Wisteria blooming all around us. I'll
never forget last night!  I took this picture this morning for you.

 These are the first purple Iris in my yard to bloom. I can't tell you
how happy these first bloomers make me.  I've planted them by the
driveway so they are the first to greet friends and family on a visit.

I know it is spring when the Red Bud trees bloom their purple.
Whenever I see one I am
reminded of  cherry blossoms ...
which I don't have in my yard.
I always think of  the famous
scene in Excalibur where King
Authur and his knights ride their
horses through the cherry orchard. 

Here is that famous scene.

Please forgive me for thinking about knights when walking in the
garden.  The flowers and trees are beautiful and the Wisteria scent
intoxicating,  but every once in a while its nice to imagine knights
riding about. A girl can't just think about flowers ALL the time :-)
Have a great week!  Don't forget
to stop by A Southern
Daydreamer for more
on Outdoor Wednesday .
Have a great week!



  1. Beautiful purple flowers! Love the wisteria!

  2. Lottie

    I agree I always conjure up poetry in my head when walking or working in my garden which included my wisteria and my daffodils in previous posts or my brown wren visiting the garden, I have to give the knights some thoughts when walking among my tress in bloom for milady's garden.

  3. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! All that wisteria at the lake cove is amazing! Very beautiful.

    ~ Tracy

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. Happy spring to you!