Sunday, March 28, 2010

Honey, I shrunk the bloggers!

Remember that fun movie starring Rick Moranis
about a scientist who shrinks his children to 1/4
inch and takes them out with the trash?  The rest
of the movie is the journey of the children making
it back across the back yard, with friendly ants,
flying on a bumble bee and surviving giant rain drops!

                       What a fun movie!

Please forgive my silliness today, but I started thinking
about what it would be like
to take a walk in the yard,
but as a little person.
What about it?
Would you like to join me
for my walk today?

Do you mind if we get ....shrunk?
Ok, it's done!

Let's start at the snow bell forest. 

Things look different
from this point of view.


I've never even seen the periwinkle ground
cover bloom.   And I feel like I could climb
into one of these pale pink tulips and take
a little nap.

In fact, I feel pretty good right now considering
I've been shrunk.  Here comes another tulip

Oh, No!

Here comes Natalie!

Go away kitty!

 Let's hide behind the yellow tulips!

She can't find us!  Let's run back to the snow bell forest and grow up!



Back and ready to grow up!
Ok, it's done!

Thank you for putting up with my silliness today!  I'm always amazed
at how different the world looks to little children.  Every once in a while
I like to get down on my knees and look at the world ......and I'll
admit it is getting harder and harder to get back up!  Have a wonderful


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  1. Oh Lottie Sweetie...
    This was so darn fun, but help I've fallen and I can't get up. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Oh I had such a fun trip looking at the flowers through a child's eye view from the ground. But I gotta tell you Miss Natalie gave me quite the fright down there, and at my age with no "depends", I thought I was in trouble.

    Oh sweetie thank you for the adventure today. I have had the best time. Have a beautiful Sunday. Country hugs...Sherry

  2. He! He! What an adventure! Walks are much more fun when you are tiny! The flowers are beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  3. Thanks! I needed a good adventure this morning. I was so peaceful until I had to run that is..Ha ha!! I especially loved all the beautiful things we saw..since my day so far has been cloudy and gray. Some how you always manage to warm my heart!! Thanks!!

  4. they're all fabulous! my favorite is the purple (12th photo)--absolutely beautiful!

  5. I've actually thought of this many post! Happy Easter, Joan

  6. Such beautiful flowers and the cat is pretty cute too! Have a great Outdoor Wednesday and enjoy Easter! Sherri : )

  7. That was a very cute post, I felt like Thumbelina:) The flowers are beautiful.

  8. I love watching those movies.

    Flowers are so beautiful.

    I am hoping to get out into the yard this weekend to do alittle something, not much though until I get my full energy back. We are suppose to have temps near 80. Can't wait.


  9. Great idea-- get down on our knees and see things from a different perspective. Love your flowers. I have enjoyed those snow bells this year-- think down here they are summer snowflake, but they sure do look like bells. I had never seen them before this year.