Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Comes to My Blue Cottage

Martha at Lines of Linderhof posted an entry about forcing blooms.
I thought the pictures were beautiful!  I wondered if I could do it,
too, but with Forsythia   I just broke branches off and put them into
a vase of water.  This picture shows two days inside in a warm
room.  Maybe you can see a little green..

This vase is four days old.  Branches were brought in and placed
in the dining room beside a fireplace where we keep a fire burning.

Spring is inside!  Try it!  Everyone have a good week!
Lottie :-)


  1. I just love Forsythia's. I wished we had a space big enough to have one. We have a small yard and it already has so many shrubs in it already.

    I remember walking to school when I was young and these would be the first things blooming in late winter. I think they are just beautiful.


  2. Don't you love that little bit of spring on the inside! Before spring comes to the outside! It makes these last dreary days of winter more bearable, I think!

  3. That yellow is just beautiful. It makes me hopeful that Spring WILL come. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great idea!