Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Old Chair

Since my DH has retired, he has been very kind to old things, such
as this wooden chair.  The old chair was out of an 1890 house and
in terrible repair, totally unusable.  My DH had the chair refinished
and a new woven cane added.  The chair is beautiful now!

The back has hinges on it so the back can be adjusted.  A pole goes
across the back.  We thought this was odd, but after talking to older
relatives, we found out people used to recline and take a nap in this
kind of chair.

I thought the wood came out nicely.

There is only one problem with this chair!  It is about as comfortable as
sitting on a ROCK!

I've measured to make pillows, but I have no time.   So I set about
looking for pillows for this chair this weekend.  I  wondered if a 44"
long lawn furniture pillow would work?  My DH grabbed his hat and
said lets go shopping and see what is out there.  We went to Target
first, and looked at the lawn furniture.  My DH picks up a 44" long
green pillow and says this would fit the look of the chair.  I was a
little skeptical at the store, but since my DH never asks to go shopping
with me, I agreed we should try it.

I LOVE IT!  And now the chair is the most comfortable one in the
house. Who would have thought new and old would go so well together?
The full cushions complement this chair.  It is soooo comfortable now!
But it looks like no one is going to let me get too comfortable.  LOL!


  1. HA!HA! A turn of the century Lazy Boy! It is a beautiful chair. I love antiques! I have inherited several of my grandmother's and my DH grandmother's furniture pieces. I treasure them. They remind me of what sweet hardworking women they were. Great idea for using patio furniture cushions! That was pure genius.

  2. It is a beautiful chair and the green cushion is perfect for it!

  3. What a beautiful chair. It makes a nice addition to your home.