Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fence Wreath

I have tons of plastic pumpkins and store bought scarecrows that I didn't put out this year.  Instead I was inspired by a broken, rusty piece of a plastic rake I found thrown in the corner of the garage.  I thought it looked interesting, like art. 

I was inspired by a picture of a similar rake wreath on the internet.  I can't remember where in the world I found that picture, but I woke up the next morning determined to create a fall wreath for my fence.  I wrapped shiny metal leaf decorations around the rake and tied it to the fence.

The rusty car part on the chain is a weight to keep the gate closed.  It works really well!  (We call that art, too!)

As I walk by the rake wreath every day, I just look at it and just love it!  There is something about the sparkly leaf garland that catches my eye!  As the days get shorter and darker and colder (and closer to Halloween), I remember as a child being inspired by imagination. 

Happy Halloween!



  1. Love your rake! I did the same thing with my old one.

  2. Hi Lottie, I happen to think your fall rake/wreath is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier and commenting about Annie.

  3. Lottie,

    Your fall rake/wreath is pure whimsy!! The rosy pink garland is darling and dainty!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!


  4. Lottie, Great idea and super cute!

  5. What a creative idea. Lottie.

    Oatmeal cookies are my absolute favorite cookie as well. I am happy to know that you used the recipe and that your husband enjoyed them.

    Thanks, Lottie!

  6. I love your newly painted blue cottage Lottie. And this looks wonderful on the fence too. I did this and posted about it using an iron fork. Stop by and look at my home and garden blog to see it...

    Hugs from Holland ~