Sunday, November 17, 2013

Painting My Blue Cottage

Hello! I've been busy October and now November such that there is hardly time to sit down to the computer to blog.  DH has been on the computer constantly checking the weather as he has been painting the house.  I admit I complained about this painting project because I had a list of things for him to do.  He told me over and over that he wanted to paint the house this fall, but somehow I didn't understand.

DH is repairing gutters, window sills, and shutters ... painting everything as he goes!  I think he is enjoying every minute!  Does your husband have his own agenda?

Hope you are enjoying your fall day today!


  1. He is doing a great job. I say when a Man gets the urge to do things around the house let them go for it. David doesn't mind doing most of the things, but sometimes I do have to light a fire under him to get certain projects done.

  2. He does, and his to do list and mine for him can be very different! But then again, his for me and mine for me often differ too!

  3. Your hubby looks like he is
    doing a super job!

    Yes my husband had his own agenda-don't
    they all? : )

    M :)

  4. What a great husband you have, taking care of everything! Your home is really lovely.

    My husband is always fixing everything around here. I have never had to ask him to fix a thing. If I see a leaky pipe or anything else, he urges me to tell him right away, even if he has been at work all day.

    It is good to "see" you!
    :) Hope

  5. Just so your painting it blue! Mine just has been redoing carpet in our back entry and pantry.

    1. I got a little worried last week when DH told a neighbor he was painting the house gray! He later assured me the color was a blue!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of work! I hope he enjoys doing it!