Sunday, September 8, 2013

Putting Food By

We've been busy freezing blueberries, peaches, and okra.
  DH has been canning apples, applesauce, apple butter, and pears.  
We have been "putting food by". 

"To 'put by' is an early nineteenth century way of saying 
to "save something you don't have to use now, 
against the time when you'll need it.' 
...Putting Food By, 1975

 We will enjoy these pears on those cold days of Winter!

"Putting food by is the antidote for running scared." 



  1. Oh that does look yummy Lottie. I read my Great Aunt's diaries, it is amazing what they canned!

  2. I love that term, putting food by! I did so much of this in my younger days before arthritis got to my thumbs. Maybe I can talk my husband into helping me again because your stuff looks so good.

    I used to do quarts of chili sauce to go in homemade chili all winter, corn relish, pickled okra, and about every kind of jelly imaginable. I do miss that, and seeing the picture of your jars all lined up made me miss it more.

  3. Wow, looks like you have lots of yummies!

    M :)

  4. Wow--looks quite beautiful. I only tried my hand at it one summer when we were living in Oklahoma. It was hot work! I was always afraid of messing up or doing something wrong or killing us with bacteria, lol!

  5. your pears are beautiful, the last ones I did turned a little pink. do you put them in hot water bath or pressure cooker?

    1. My husband puts them in a hot water bath! Don't know why yours turned a little pink.