Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pink House Dreams!

I just love pink houses!  But I don't live in one.  My blue cottage is our home and I'm happy with it.  DH calls the color gray, but its blue.  We both love our home ... and there is no way I'll ever get a pink house as long as I'm married to DH so all I can do is dream.  I don't mind. I've been married to DH for forty years this year and its like living with Cary Grant some days and Sean Connery the other days.  Not too bad!  I have a lot to be thankful for, but back to a pink house...and dreaming.  If you haven't been to OLD HOUSE DREAMS, you must visit it and "pick out" the old house of your dreams.  That is what I do when I can't sleep at night.

1900 – $99,900 ( listed on link now $85,000)  – 59 E High St, Union City, PA – MLS #24020
Kelly's blog has over 2,000 houses with links to more pictures. She has nothing to do with selling these houses nor do I.  I just wanted to share the website.

Sweet Dreams and Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. Hi Lottie, I love that site you gave us. Funny thing it that yellow is not my favorite color, but our first house was yellow and guess what this house was yellow when we bought it. Of course we changed colors and now it is beige. I went to the site and yes guess which one I liked, the Historic Carpenter Gothic Victorian and it is yellow. HA! HA!

  2. Oh my gosh Lottie, I LOVE THAT PINK HOUSE! It could be any color and I would still love it! I'm off to check Kelly's blog, thanks for telling us about it.

  3. I love that pink house! Now off to pick out my dream house on that website....

  4. Visiting you from Patrice's farmhouse porch chat. Wow, 40-years is quite an accomplishment! Mega congrats to you guys!!! My DH & I have been married for 34-years. He truly is my best friend. Now back to pink houses...I remember such a place from my childhood days. The school bus would pass it every day and I always thought, "Why would someone paint their home pink?" At the time, I didn't get the significance of an out-of-place color in the coal mining country of WV, but now I think pink houses are fun looking, especially if it were a cottage. I would like that very much! Now following ya! BTW, be sure to come by my blog to enter my Diamond Candles giveaway that went live yesterday. Just click on the link: here!

  5. Cary Grant AND Sean Connery? Not bad, my dear! I understand. I have a weakness for pink houses too. But the blue cottage is a sweet one. And we can always dream.

    I once bought a pink tie for R.H. He wore it one time after I insisted, but never again.

  6. Hi Lottie,

    Thanks for the blog referral; certainly seems interesting, especially since I often suffer from insomnia at this stage in my mid-life crises!