Thursday, August 23, 2012

Saving a Summer Day

Summer is slipping away!  I'm retired now and I suddenly missed my students today.  I was a school library media specialist at a high school in a small town in South Carolina.  The students were great!  Many came by everyday to tell me about the latest movie or what they bought for their e-reader.  The young men always had a funny story and the young ladies always had drama in their lives!  I miss them.

Suddenly I realized I was going to miss "today" if I didn't get out and take some pictures of what is left of this summer.
I spend a lot of time just swinging in the morning in this swing that DH built for me.  Do you see the white impatiens in the pots in front of the swing?  They are beautiful at night when the clouds separate and the moon shines bright.  The pots seem to glow in the moonlight!
These are my welcome red impatiens.  They hang by the front gate next to the driveway.  The large hook makes me think of something to tie off a horse. (Ever the romantic!)
Here is one of my favorite places!  Back at the far edge of the yard is my clothes line where I dry sheets, towels, and blue jeans. ( and underwear). I love to look at the sky and clouds as I pin the fabric.
The wind and sun are in abundance here.  It is a special place to me.  
The geraniums by the sidewalk to the front door takes a lot of sun. 

The butterfly bush is blooming by the front door.

 The petunias are blooming by the deck.

The black-eye Susan is holding it's own.
 A Lady Slipper has appeared in the back yard on the path to the clothes line.

The lamb's ear is soft and healthy.  I can still see my two year old son petting the lamb's ear.  He is twenty-eight years old now and lives 250 miles away.  I still love lamb's ear...
 I'm never alone in the garden.  Not only do I have the wind and sun and clothes line and swing and flowers and an angel boy, I have my sweetheart, dear Sardis.
Sardis goes everywhere in the yard with me.  He is always watching, watching, watching.

He especially watches while I swing.  What a wonderful summer day to save with Sardis!

Now, time to start exploring and see what I can make of this life called retirement!  Thank you for saving the day with me!


  1. Hi Lottie! What a nice blog, your flowers are beautiful! I am an Elementary School Media Clerk, and just started back last week. I bet you do miss it (and the kids). Thanks for sharing your day! Gina

  2. The swing your husband built is gorgeous! I've never seen one like it. All of your flowers are so pretty! Hang on tight to this fading summer.

  3. Lottie, I think you have a very creative and handy hubby to have built that nice swing for you. I wish I had a swing and time to sit and use it. Heehee. Your flowers are so pretty. Mine have are just a mess, they should have already been taken up but it is too hot to bother. Surely it will cool down soon. Retirement is definitely a different way of life but you will adjust and love your free time to do as you please. --------Shannon

  4. Thank you for visiting me today, Lottie! I've always wanted a swing. I'm swooning for one as I type. Someday!

    Your flowers are so beautiful. Here in Oklahoma it was so hot this year that so much died. Very sad and BROWN around here.!

    Love to you~Rebecca

  5. Congratulations on your retirement!
    You will get into the swing of the
    things soon.
    Enjoy your time.

    M :)