Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happiness File - Inspiration Cards

Several years ago I read Pam Young and Peggy Jones's book The 
Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness File.  I found it a few days ago
when I was dusting my book shelves and picked it up and started
reading it again.  I reread the "inspiration" card system and thought
what a neat idea!  I bought a 3x5 purple card box for $3 and found
a yellow pack of 3x5 cards in my desk.
 ...... from The Happiness File
This ... is the place where you will keep all of the things 
that  elevate your thoughts and feelings: words of wis-
dom, scriptures,  and quotes that touch you personally.
Don't let anything  inspirational get away from you. 
When you sit down to read a book, or listen to a sermon,
have a pen and 3x5 cards with you so that you'll be able
to record the things that uplift you.... don't limit yourself
to ordinary sources.  Profound truths  can come to you 
from a child, the butcher, a neighbor, nature, or your own
spiritual wellspring.  What's more, the act of writing them
down will enhance their authority over you.

We have found that our collection of inspirational
writings never loses its power.  It stirs our emotions each 
time we read from it, but had each piece not been written
down, it would be lost in the black hole of insights gone
by.  Whatever moves you in the first place will move you
again, perhaps a little differently each time, but the
impact will always be there.
                                       -Pam Young and Peggy Jones

So I decided to make some inspiration cards!  I read "The Road to
Lasting Health" in the August issue of Prevention.  I marked
passages with a yellow highlighter and then wrote seven cards.

1.  You are in control, and you have the 
ability to improve your health, starting

2. Couples who play together, stay together.

3.  You can't predict what you're eating at
a restaurant, but when you make it 
yourself,  you can.  Plus, it tastes better.

4.  Find your stress-relief valve.

5.  Be gracious and caring.

6.  Make health a joyful goal.

7.  Focus on the future.

I'm happy to try this card file system.  I pick up all kinds of
wonderful quotes from your blogs everyday.  Now I have a
way to keep them.  I would also appreciate it if you would
share some of your inspirational quotes with me.  I have
a 100 yellow 3x5 cards in this pack.  I'm going to do this
at least until I use up the 100!

Hope you are having a great week ahead!
8.  Life is what you make of it.  ( Dad's favorite saying)
9.  Life is life.  ( song)


  1. What a great idea.
    Check out my current post, there is a "thought" posted.

    M :)

  2. What a great, fun idea! I just might try this.

  3. How about "You don't stop playing because you are old. You grow old when you stop playing."
    My fav, but your second one I love too.

  4. Thankyou for this post :) I really wanted someone to write on the happiness file :)

    God Bless you :)