Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

Years ago I was in the graduate program for Library Science at USC.
One of the courses was about Reference Resources.  It was known
to be the hardest class in the program ...and...the best class in the
program.  I looked forward to taking it and dreaded it at the same
time.  Finally, I was in the class and at the first meeting, our
professor gave us all the best advice! "Work hard and go out for
dinner and a movie every Friday night!" That doesn't seem like
any kind of advice at all, but believe me, it was golden.

Last week was a "work hard" week, and Friday on the way home
I knew I was ready to go out to dinner and a movie!  DH had
already cooked dinner so we ate together and then went out for
an ice cream cone and a movie.  Since I didn't give DH notice
that I needed a movie night, I let him pick which movie we saw!

We saw "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt.  What a great movie!  I 
highly recommend it.  It was all about choices.  I wouldn't
dare give the ending away because it totally surprised me!
I read in one of the reviews that the movie had intelligence.
It did.  In fact, because it is about a man's world, I didn't
understand parts.  DH explained it to me later.  And because
it is about a man's world, I recognized right away why things
worked the way they did.  It was truly a great movie!

Was Brad Pitt great in this movie?  Yes.  Was Robert Redford
great in this movie? YES.  Because that is who I saw over
and over in the Brad Pitt performance. 

And when David Justice came to the team, I hollered in the
theater " I know who that is!".  DH just shushed me.

If you have a chance, don't miss "Moneyball".  But if you
can swing it next weekend, go out on Friday for dinner and a
movie....especially if it is a "work hard" week!

Have a great weekend and please share your favorite movies.


  1. Great advice, Lottie! Glad you enjoyed your night.

  2. I do so want to see this movie. ..maybe i will take my grandson with me. I am a 1st time visitor to you nice blog

  3. How was the movie? Have been wondering? Thanks for stopping by, My Old Historic House. Have a great day. Richard

  4. Being a huge baseball fan I ve been wanting to see this movie. Glad it is a good one. Anymore it is hard to spend the money to see something that is not good. Love the quote. Hubby and I don't do the go out part enough. I may just have to talk him into it tonight. Thanks!!