Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break Stay-cation

Last week was spring break and we were off from school.  We
normally travel and get out to visit relatives in distant states. This
year I wanted to stay at home with all my heart.  So we took a
staycation (I love that word).  To be honest, I just wanted to rest
and enjoy my azaleas!  Glad you could stop by.   Let's take a walk
around the front yard!

I feel like I went to a resort with all the
flowers blooming around me!  The best
part was I got to sleep in my own bed
and cook my own food.  We started our
garden, ate out a couple of nights at
local restaurants, walked every day,
took it slow and slept late.  Ah, what
a wonderful thing this stay-cation is!

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope
you have a great week ahead!



  1. Sounds like a great week. Your flowers are beautiful. I want to come stay at your "resort".

  2. I agree it sounds wonderful. Spring break here starts Monday. Grandkids are looking so forward to it.

  3. Azaleas are gorgeous! I can understand - love staycations too! There's no place like home!!!
    Hope you had a lot of rest :)

  4. Your azalea are beautiful. Our spring break is next week and we'll be staying around here and just going to the zoo and a few museums. Hopefully we will have nice weather.