Saturday, April 23, 2011

Completed Covered Swing!

This is a story about my sweet Dear Husband.  Several years
ago, he started building a swing for us in the back yard.  He
built the frame so the chain would be long for a gentle swing. 

But life and other projects took priority so the swing stayed
unfinished awhile until DH could finish it just like he wanted.
Years ago he finished the roof.  He used cedar shingles that 
would weather just so!

And he gave the squirrels a place to sit, but alas, no swing...

We set a garden bench under the roof but it never looked
like it really belonged.  Here is my son walking away. 
No one ever sat on the bench.
Then Dear Husband found a craftsman who made beautiful
cedar swings.  Time to finish the covered swing!
Of course, Dear Husband had to make an extra trip to the
hardware store to get... extra hardware ...
Finally, it is finished and it is wonderful!  I know I will 
enjoy many an evening to come in my swing.  I thought 
about it,  and from start to finish took about nine years.
But so what!  It  was well worth the wait!

Thanks for listening to my story today!  Come swing awhile!


  1. how wonderful. i am glad my husband and I are not the only ones it takes years to get something done! Enjoy was built with love!

  2. What a cute story. It looks awesome. That's one heck of a frame for it.

  3. Oh, how I adore your backyard!!!! I would love to come swing on that beautiful swing with you, and chit chat about nothing in particular! Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!

  4. Oh how I love that swing!! It was worth the long wait. It is beautiful!

  5. I love your swing! I can picture sitting there with a glass of lemonade on a warm evening. It was definitely well worth the wait.


  6. how wonderful I would love a covered swing might have given me and idea for a new DH project lol