Sunday, March 27, 2011

Use Those Treasures!

I was watching the squirrels out my dining room window today
when I turned and looked into our china cabinet.
 There was my green wedding china and the blue Charlotte
china that DH buys for me now.  I smiled as I thought of all
the love in that china cabinet. 
I looked a little closer at the salt and pepper shakers and ....
wondered .....where in the world did I get those?  After a few
minutes of thinking about it, I'm sure I got them on vacation at
Helen, Georgia, over twenty years ago!  But I don't remember
actually buying them or the store I bought them in.  They have
been stored behind glass like this for over twenty years.  I've
never used them.  I'm sure it was because I was raising two
very active little boys and they were safer in the china cabinet.
Time to start using my treasures!  So I took out the salt and 
pepper shakers and decided to put them in action! But where?
I filled them with salt and pepper and put them right on 
the gathering room table!  Beautiful! 

After looking at them, maybe they are too big for the small
table.  I moved them to the counter where we set our 
dishes and fix our plates, now.  Yes, a better fit.
These are only salt and pepper shakers.  A simple thing. But
time is short and we shouldn't keep our personal treasures
behind glass.  Our real treasures are the people we love.
We should hug them every minute we can!  Laugh all the
time!  And smile when we use our pretty salt and pepper

Have a great week!



  1. It IS fun to use what you have!

  2. I totally agree. Life is to short to sweat the small stuff. When I use the "treasures" I have been given or inherited it reminds of the person I received it from, and how much they mean to me.
    P.S. I do consider you family, Lottie!! I look forward to reading your blog and your comments. You are a lovely person!

  3. My Mom always told me to use things, she would say "so what if it breaks, enjoy it!" I think she was right!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to use our treasures.

  5. I totally agree too. Your things are so lovely. A few years ago I started taking some of my things that I had stored up to actually use again. I have a story coming up on my blog about one of them. Have a nice Day.

  6. Hello Lottie! Terrific! Those are gorgeous salt and pepper shakers - they should be used - I have started using my treasures more and more - it is wonderful to make them a part of your life.

  7. How true what you said, "Our real treasures are the people we love."
    Wonderful post!

  8. Thank you for this sweet reminder. I have some things that I need to enjoy also. Love the china. It is so beautiful and those shakers are incredible.

  9. I love them! You are right; we need not save our treasures for best. I always set the table with cloth napkins and switch out the dishes whenever possible.


  10. Yes enjoy them while you can and love the pictures

  11. Those are so pretty and I wondered how many times I may have done the same type of thing. I have been using the things I have now, and getting rid of those things I don't!