Sunday, March 13, 2011

Growing our own food!

We have somehow already started our garden and plan to eat
as much food as we can that we grow ourselves.  But we didn't
have time to till up a spot yet, so we started in the flower bed.
We planted lettuce around the edge.  We had some of our lettuce
in our salad for lunch today.  I'm sure it was our imagination,
but it tasted really good coming from our little garden! 

Can't wait to see your vegetable gardens!



  1. No it was not your imagination. I think the veggies we grow do taste better than store bought. They pick them early and depending on the veggie they do not have the strong taste if they left them on the plant longer and you probably do not drown them in chemicals. I love it when we can eat ours. Mine are little seedlings right now, but in May they will go into the ground. Have a nice day Lottie.

  2. I tuck veggie plants all over my yard. I am horrible at growing flowers, but I can grow veggies, easy peasy. Vegetable plants really are pretty to look at. I call it edible landscaping.

  3. Wow!! It always tastes better when you grow it yourself!! After going to the grocery store today and looking at the veggie prices I am also going to be looking at creative ways to plant a garden.