Friday, March 11, 2011

Forsythia on my Mind

It's spring and everywhere I go I see bright golden blooms of
forsythias!  I pass by this lovely chocolate cottage everyday on
my commute to work.  I love the three chimneys across the top
and broad windows.  I especially love the white porch with the
chocolate brown color!  Then this week the yellow forsythia
bloomed! I had to stop my car and get out and snap this picture!
Some of my favorite bloggers have forsythia on the mind,
too!  Kelly at Tidy Brown Wren posts about how to start
a new plant by cutting branches and placing in a vase of
water.  Be sure to visit her.  And at A Sentimental Life,
see how forsythia can decorate  your home with just the
right container!

Everywhere I go I spy yellow forsythia!


  1. Lottie, how nice to mention me!! Can't wait till they are blooming and then it just moves on to daffodils, tulips and then the red buds...ahhh!!

  2. Hi Lottie,
    Thank you for stoping by for a visit. That home with the three chimneys is very cute; love the veranda! Judging from the picture on your sidebar, you have a lovely home too, set back in the trees! Have a beautiful weekend.