Friday, May 27, 2016

DYI Curtains for side lights

 Our 1907 house in Alabama has beautiful lead glass side lights in the front door!  We've left them without curtains because the light is gorgeous in the morning coming through the beveled lead glass. 

But someone ringing the doorbell can see right in when I come down the hall in my pajamas.  So we set about making curtains for the side windows.  $5 for two little white rods for the top, $5 for a sheer panel, and $5 for fabric glue.  We cut the single sheer in half, cut the length and used fabric glue to hem it.  Done!

 There it is!


  1. Looks nice and you will still get nice light through
    the sheers.

    M : )

  2. Oh Yes, that looks much better, Lottie, and it's more privacy too.

    I hope you are enjoying the spring days.


  3. I love it and yes, I'd have to have a little privacy too!

  4. Looks very nice. I love the door.

  5. Excellent!!!

    I don't care to have someone at the door, see in, myself. There was a window on the door we had previously. But the replacement, does not have a see-in kind. Just a pretty one, at the top.

    I can still see who is at the door, by peeking through my front window lace curtains. :-)

    Autumn blessings,
    Luna Crone