Sunday, September 7, 2014

Adding a Little Red

I'm always inspired when I read your blogs!  I was reading Brenda's blog, Cozy Little House, and I am always inspired by her use of the color red and her decorating skill in general.  Her home looks happy! 


 This is the plant on my kitchen counter in its beige plastic pot.  I set it there for the light and to hide all the cables and wires to our little TV and microwave.  Well, I just couldn't get the color in the rooms out of my mind all day long, so I went shopping for something red for my kitchen.

And there it is!  Just a little red made all the difference!  Now what else can I change out?

DH's birthday is Monday!  I'm looking forward to a slice of his favorite carrot cake.

Best wishes,

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  1. It looks beautiful Lottie. It is amazing how just alitle color will change the look of things.

  2. Red is such a happy color and one of my faves!

    Your plant looks great in it's new home.

    M : )

  3. Yes, I am a chicken about adding colors like red. So when we got our weekend home I went yellow, black and red in the kitchen and love it. Baby steps are a good thing!

  4. I am a big "color girl" and use red all over the house.

    But, we are in the midst of painting the rooms in the house white, after years of butter yellow, to tone down the amount of color in the house.

  5. I love red in my décor! I think everyone needs it somewhere in their home.... Blessings!

  6. hmm--I made a comment and I don't see it--but perhaps you have moderation of the comments. I was saying that I too, love touches of red and also orange. I also thought it was odd that so many cords are made brown or black instead of white when white would be better with the wood trim in a lot of homes. Some day perhaps there will be an invention to hide them better or no need of cords at all!?

    1. No need of cords at all would work for me :-)

  7. It looks lovely, Lottie! Red is the feature colour of decor in my home, with white, and the French countryside hues, to complement it. I cannot imagine living in a neutral shaded space as I find such tones clinical.

    Happy first week of Fall!


    1. I especially love all the red in your decor!

  8. Red is my favorite's everywhere in my house! Of course, right now it's covered in dust!!! Hopefully all this reno stuff will be over soon, I'm so ready to get back to life as usual!
    Love your new red planter pot, nice touch!!!

  9. I agree red adds just the right touch..