Thursday, December 5, 2013

Heyward House tour ( 3 of 3)

It's December and I have visited some of the most beautiful holiday home tours on blog land this year! So much time have I spent admiring your homes decorated that I forgot to post this house from our trip in November to the beach.  Please come along and join us on the tour!

The Heyward House in Old Town Bluffton, SC, was not decorated when we visited it in mid November, but I thought it was such a pretty house, just a sweet house, that I wanted to share some pictures we took on the tour. 

DH is standing on the top step for me.  This simple timber-framed house was built ca. 1840 and is of  Carolina Farmhouse architecture.

For more on the history of this house, click HERE.  

Living Room

Dining Room


Back Porch Bedroom

This is Katie, our tour guide.  My goodness, was she ever so knowledgeable about history and history of the furniture in this house.  I imagine by now the house has been decorated for Christmas!  Can you just image how beautiful this simple and sweet house would look decorated for Christmas!

Thank you for coming along on the tour with us!  Time for us to leave the warmth of Bluffton and the Spanish moss to drive back to the upstate. We have a lot of work to do getting our Christmas decorations out of storage and put up!  See you next time!



  1. That is a beautiful home. I love the white and wood chairs and table in the living room. I have never seen that design before.

  2. I love old homes, they have so much charm. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home.

  3. Hi Lottie,

    It is a sweet home. What I really love is the old shutters that actually work to cover the windows. How I would love to live in a home that had working shutters.

    I have up my tree, wreath on the door, front window box decorated, bow on the lamppost, But I still need to put up garlands and lights over my front windows, and most important of all, set up my manger soon as I figure out which box it was stored in.

    Happy decorating!

  4. I love the architecture of this house! Isn't it funny how many styles of farmhouse there are, and how they differ from state to state? This simple edifice is one of my favorites.

  5. Love all that Eastlake furniture, especially the dresser!! Amazing collection.

  6. Oh I like this one so much better (on the inside) than the one you showed us that looked like a church. This one is more inviting and comfy!