Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on Progress on Miss Willie's House

Dear husband has been painting the porch on the house we purchased for retirement.  For those of you who don't know the story, DH and I have all our families in Alabama (I was raised in Texas) and we bought a house in Alabama to retire to one day.  We have lived in South Carolina for over thirty five years.  We are retired now and the big problem(s) with moving is that we love our house in SC (my blue cottage),  we hesitate leaving a really nice town where we know a lot of people, and our two grown sons are staying in South Carolina.  That's the story and we are torn between the two houses!  Meanwhile, DH is working on the house in Alabama.

 Almost every column needed some attention. DH did ALL the work himself!  

Miss Willie Welch, a local librarian, lived in the house all her life.  Wish she could see what a good job DH is doing with her porch!  He hasn't finished the bottom yet.

Oh, how beautiful!

More progress was made on the extra bathroom built off the back porch.


(Big improvement! ;-D)

Thank you for dropping by!  Hope you have a great week!

Lottie and DH


  1. What a beautiful home. But I totally understand your predicament. It would be hard to leave the town you raised your sons in, especially if they are going to be staying behind. How far apart driving distance are the two towns? Would it work to live in in both places splitting your time?

    1. 5 hours (250 miles)! It is a long trip and we have to go through Atlanta which adds extra time when there is traffic. It is pretty expensive having two houses to keep up. It is a hard decision.

  2. My goodness, Lottie, what a choice you have! But the Alabama home is beautiful. Is that white molding under the roof edge dentil molding? I don't think I've really seen in on an exterior before but I love it. And that porch! Nice! Your husband is not only an artist but a talented carpenter too.

    How soon before this decision has to be made?

    1. Yes, Dewena, it has dentil molding all around the house. Frank Lockwood, the architect designed government buildings and built this home with 12" thick brick walls. The house was built in 1907. We have a few years yet before we have to decide one way or the other.

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  4. Hi Lottie,
    I was so excited to see you retirement house again. It is just beautiful and I love that front porch!! I like your blue house too though. What a tough decision but I'm sure you'll figure out the perfect solution. DH is doing a wonderful job on the house.
    Have a great week,

  5. Hi Miss Lottie. I just love your house. It is quite fun to see you changed out your old sink for a new pedestal sink. We did that just last night to our downstairs bathroom. Our old sink was installed when the bathroom was added in 1945. Our former homeowners--the Quien family built the bathroom on the occasion of their daughter's wedding and I found an article about it on the Quien family website. Do you have stories about the librarian who used to live in your house? Best wishes. Mrs. D - Wisconsin

    1. Yes! Lots of stories!

      I didn't mind the old sink at all, but the hardware for the faucet needed replacing and we couldn't find the parts so we had to replace the whole sink.

  6. What a huge decision to leave a place you love. Then again...this house is also amazing! I can see a point for staying because of your sons though. A very wise old nun told me once that if you are unsure about making a decision then don't. Just sit quietly and listen carefully for answers instead of acting on a decision. Sound advice I think.

    Dh has done a great job with the painting!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. I'm sure this decision is a hard one!
    Good Luck.

    Loooks like a lovey house and his work is super.


  8. Lottie what a great porch and beautiful home! Wish i could come sit on the porch and visit...I will bring my MR he is a painter!

  9. wow, that porch is worth moving for all on its own!

  10. What a beautiful house, Lottie, but seeing your other home, I can certainly understand why your so torn. They are both lovely homes!