Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lace Curtains and a Red Ceiling!

When we bought Miss Willie's House four years ago, we concentrated on urgent things, such as replacing the roof!  I hunted for sales and found these beautiful lace curtains. That first week we were in the house, DH put up his ladder and washed the windows! Then he helped me hang the curtains in the dining room.

I bought an extra two long panels to hang in the butler's pantry..

I loved the lace panels at first, but the rooms seemed dark.  The woodwork is dark and it didn't look quite right. But our list was long of things to do and I went on to the next task.

Still, this didn't seem to be the right place for the curtains.  Last weekend I took them down, washed them, and intended to pack them away. In another post soon, I'll show you what I did with in the dining room.

 Suddenly I thought of the front room by the porch.  The lace curtains might be more appropriate hung there since the woodwork is painted white. The sheers  that were hanging there never "thrilled" me and I couldn't see out windows on the porch.

Poor DH had to go get the ladder again and help me hang curtains AGAIN!

But I'm thrilled with the change!

I like the red ceiling now with the lace curtains and the windows look better from the outside on the porch, too!  Thank you for visiting today.  Hope you have a great week ahead!



  1. So much better. I love the red ceiling too!

  2. Aren't good changes GREAT!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what
    you did with the dining room.


  3. So pretty with the white woodwork and the red ceiling! Looking forward to seeing what you did in the DR. You have a butler's pantry? How nice, even without a butler.