Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Flowers? Yes!

The day before Valentine's Day, my dear husband came home and told me he just couldn't do it!  He just couldn't buy flowers at the grocery store when there are so many beautiful flowers blooming in our yard!  I told him it was the thought that mattered and I would LOVE flowers out of the yard.  I watched out the windows as he meticulously gathered flowers.  Lots of flowers!

Then he arranged them in different vases (notice the buttercups) and lined them up on the hall table.

They were the best Valentine's Day flowers ever!

The only thing more romantic than fresh picked flowers for Valentine's Day is a man in his apron in the kitchen with a grin on his face.  And I know why he is grinning!  He knows he has melted my heart (again) with all the flowers ... and he didn't spend a dime!  

I'm smiling too because I know that my Valentine's Day flowers this year are ...  priceless! 

Hope you are having a great day today!
Thank you for stopping by!

Lottie "-)


  1. Priceless, how sweet of him, he is truly your Valentine.

  2. Hi Lottie! What a great post! I can't believe you have so many flowers blooming, aren't you the lucky one? A man is his apron in the kitchen with a grin on his face, yes-that is romantic. Glad you had a good Valentine's Day. Gina

  3. A beautiful post and the flowers are so pretty. We have none here yet. I did get a big hershey chocolate kiss from the Hubby.

  4. What a beautiful and loving post!! Your flowers are GORGEOUS

  5. Hi Lottie,

    What a charming post!

    Your flowers are so special and your hubby looks so sweet. Blessed lady you are!

    Barb ♥

  6. I love this! What a sweet thing to do. The flowers are beautiful and I love that he put them all in vases. Thanks for popping by!

  7. lovely flowers and nice pic of your husband in an apron. You have a sweet husband.