Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on House Restoration

Some of you have asked about the progress on Miss Willie's House.  Well, it has been slow but good!  One thing we have really realized is that we're not as young as we used to be! LOL!

DH has been working on the attic windows this fall. He re-glazed the windows intact instead of taking them down because the glazing was so old he was afraid the glass would fall out. This kind of delicate work is very time consuming but he doesn't mind.  

The attic window and bay roof over Miss Willie's bedroom is completely finished.  One day (far in the future), the green shutters will be rebuilt and replaced.

The front attic window and bay is completely finished.  The ladder on the roof shows the height above the bay to work on the window.

I worried about DH the whole time he was up there working but he said he enjoyed every minute!  By the way, before DH retired he spent his days in the classroom teaching art.  I guess standing up painting on top of a house can be fun when you look at it from that perspective.

The windows look beautiful!  Next project will be the porch in the spring!

DH has stained the floors in four rooms in the house, too, and they look beautiful, but most of the furniture is out of place now.  I did minimal Christmas decorations this year.  I seem to like it better that way.

And we celebrated my DB's birthday in the house this year.  Here is a picture of me, my brother and my DSL.

I have to be honest about work on our someday retirement house.  It is hard work and takes lots of money.  And like I said in the beginning of this post, we're not as young as we used to be!  And the money seems to disappear fast when working on an old house.  DH is doing all the work and I'm glad he loves it!  

  Wishing you and your family a happy holiday! 



  1. I love those windows and the house is looking lovely. I know all to well how it is redoing a house. We do alittle each year, next year it will be the kitchen.

  2. Those windows were well worth the work, they are gorgeous. It looks like your home has a lot of beautiful details with the lovely mantels and the leaded windows on the sidelights at the front door. I'm with you - keep the decorations to a minimum to show off this beauty!

  3. Amazing windows, amazing husband! I think a man loves being up on the roof, master of the universe! Such a sweet house, Lottie.

  4. Lottie, Your home is just gorgeous! I absolutely adore it. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Hi Lottie! Wow, Miss Willie's house is your house?! How lucky! I don't know the story of it, which post is it, so I can go back and see. What year is it? The house is so cute and is looking wonderful! DH is doing an awesome job! Gina

  6. Hi, Lottie! Your home is looking so pretty! It sure takes time, work and money, we know that first hand! You guys are doing a great job! The windows are gorgeous! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit to my blog and your sweet comment. Your comments are showing up on my blog as non-reply for some reason, so I couldn't email you back. Wanted to make sure you know I really appreciate your visit. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Love this house, thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. I wouldn't think there would be many men that like working on windows! Glad he has been enjoying it. It looks pretty. I forget where you said this house was!