Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Walk Down Marshall Street in Anderson, SC

Everyone knows we love old houses!
We were searching for some shade today to take our walk and
found this beautiful green home with lots of shade trees.  These

two homes across the street from each other have beautiful  
gambrel roofs but each has its own distinctive style..
(Since this post I have found a web site 
with information on houses on this street.)
Click here.    Lottie
This is the side view of the same house as above.  The bay is
built almost like a silo.  I assume it is for the stairs.  Pretty neat!   
What a beautiful home!  The curved stairs remind me of the Gorgas
House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
The swing on the porch looks so relaxing!  It really makes you
think of summer.  Love the balcony on the second floor.
And this is my favorite! I love the heavy columns on the porch.
The house is not for sale.  The sign in the front yard just tells
you who the roofers are that put on a new roof. 

Thank you for coming along on our walk today!
P.S. There are many, many beautiful homes on Marshall Street,
but I couldn't take pictures of them all.  Sometimes cars were
in the picture or bushes and trees covered the view.  Sometimes
my camera was out of focus.


  1. I love looking at old homes. You have shown some beautiful ones.

  2. Those are stunning! I love old houses but rarely get the chance to look at them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful! Beautiful! They don't get any better than than these.

  4. These are so beautiful--where were they? I love the porches and the shapes of the homes. I wish they didn't make cookie cutter type homes that they do now a days!

  5. How absolutely LOVELY! More than beautiful my friend. Reminds me of my hubby's hometown in Nebraska!

    PS: I'm loving water and decaf tea, too!


  6. Hi Lottie,
    Thanks for the inviting me along on your scenic walk! I love old houses too and love walking in neighborhoods that have them. The first two remind me of the Amityville Horror house in Long Island, NY. Do you remember it? Gina

    1. Ha! I do remember! But I really do like the first two houses...very Victorian!