Monday, July 23, 2012

Need A New Door?

We have gone in and out the back doors a million times but
never noticed the storm doors were worse for wear.  They
had no insulation at all.  DH said it was time for a change and asked
me to look around for what I wanted.  I looked everywhere I went
and found this beautiful door!
This IS a beautiful door...but I needed something practical,
affordable, and insulated for the winter.  This is what I had.
This door goes to the den and was in pretty good condition while
the other door that went to the kitchen was not.  I didn't
get a picture of it.  We decided to replace both doors so the deck
would look better.  DH saw I was distracted looking at all kinds
of doors so he took me to Lowe's and Home Depot and compared
insulated storm doors.  We went out one Saturday night like a
"date" and picked out doors!  It was really fun! 

We planned to buy them in the fall and replace them one pretty day,
not in 103 degree heat! Well, the next weekend the better ones went
on sale and we rushed down to the store to buy them.  DH did
install them in the heat. The style was a little different than the old
ones but those are not available anymore. 
DH took the old doors off and painted before putting on the new
doors.  (There are some advantages to marrying an artist!)
New storm door to the den...
New storm door to the kitchen....

I love the new doors but I still can't get one door I saw on my
search out of my mind.
This door was left in the wall of a textile mill that burned years
There is the door on the left.  You can see the inside of the mill
along with the tower in the back and the gaping hole in the front.

Whenever I drive by the mill, I look over at the door and ask myself,
why did someone leave the door?  Was it left as a joke, or as poety?
There is nothing behind the door.  It is the door to nowhere.  Or
maybe it is the door to memories.

I'm very happy with my new storm doors.  I hope they will save
me some money on utility bills this year.  But most of all, I hope
they are doors to memories.

Thank you for visiting today!  


  1. Hi Lottie! Your new door looks great! I like that door in the wall of the textile mill. That is strange that they left it there.
    Have a great week! Gina

  2. You are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful husband! And he did pretty well on the renovations, too! Way to go DH! Joking aside, I’m glad that you decided to finally replace your doors. Worn-out doors can cause your electric bills to surge, and it is unpleasant to look at. A door is also one of the focal points of the house, and an unsightly door can ruin the overall look of the house.

  3. Love the new doors, Lottie! I like the fact that you can now see the inside door. On the second picture, I didn’t see it immediately; I thought there was only one door! Anyhow, I hope the storm door’s serving you well. On a side note, I’m kind of drawn to the metaphor with the door on the textile mill. The door’s still standing after all the tribulations the mill went through. I hope your doors have the same future. :D