Friday, December 23, 2011

Enjoy the Quiet for a Minute

There is so much to do!  The 25th is quickly approaching.
Time to stay still and enjoy the minute.

The gathering room is clean and Christmas meals are ready!
Soon the quiet will be gone and the wonderful loud chatter of
family will begin.  The day is so warm and the sun shining so
bright that I left the back door open.  What a grand December!

In my quiet moments, my mind wanders outside to the swing DH
put up for me. I think I'll go out and enjoy the sunny warm weather
right now.  Last year at this time it was cold and the ground was
covered  with snow.  Treasure today I always say.  I can even see
the Christmas tree from outside the window.

Lottie and DH


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your DH,Lottie!

  2. May the Merriest of Christmas Wishes be yours. Richard and Sissy Dog from My Old Historic House.

  3. Love the table in front of the fireplace. That insert looks similar to a franklin stove type thing my Dad used to have.