Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three Thoughts

There are thoughts I can't get past today.  Maybe if I share 
them I can let them go.

#1.  The UNIVERSE really does seem to be in charge.

That's good!  Because as I put away the Christmas
decorations and start a new diet, I think about how the
holidays would have still been just as special if we had
not done so much.I couldn't believe it when I walked 
out in the yard this morning and saw the buttercups
already up.  Spring is on it's way. God is in charge. 

#2.  Quote I found...."The more busy you are, the more
shallow you are." .....of course, by Unknown
DH brought that to my attention yesterday.  I had spent
weeks cleaning the house but almost no time hiking with 
my grown sons.  My dad was the same way.  He would 
work late in the evening in the garage working on some
mechanical this or that. He didn't spend much time 
everyday with his kids. It's just a shame because you
turn around and you realize you
don't know your own family.

#3.  I'm OK!  :-)
Yes, that's a funny thing to wake up and realize.  I'm not 
crazy! For years I had this secret.  I like empty rooms. 
For years I would give away or throw away things. 
I have to do it in secret because DH brings
everything back!  

I was wondering if I needed to see a professional
about the my secret.  But a friend gave me a 
compliment the other day that explains it all.
I am a minimalist! :-)
Great! I'm not only ok, I'm something special.
I am a minimalist!

Thank you for listening!  I'm off to purge the den!

Lottie  :)


  1. I expecially love #3. Of course you are SPECIAL!

  2. I think it must be a blessing to be a minimalist!
    Also it is wise to slow down and enjoy the people in your life. One of my friends just lost her daughter on Christmas Eve--just suddenly. I am trying to focus more on this.!

  3. I love all of these thoughts. They really put everything into perspective.

  4. I wish I was a minimalist. I tend to collect things for a few months and then purge and then start again. Would just be easier to not collect to begin with.

  5. Loved your blog entry! I also love your thoughts. I think we have a lot in common! :-)

  6. Ok, girl it is January, so you gotta do a new post! Hope you are well!