Monday, July 18, 2011

Pothos - Still Gardening

It's 100 degrees in South Carolina and I'm still gardening!
This time I'm rooting pothos.  I love pothos because they can
stand low light or fluorescent lights for part of the  year and
I work in a large library with no windows.

About three weeks ago I cut off some stems and stuck them
in a jar of water.  Just kept filling up the jar...that's all.

This jar of pothos is about a week and a half in the water.
I put them both in new pots today.
It is still too hot to be doing this.
They both turned out well.  
I think I'll stop gardening for  awhile until it cools off.   People
are more important than plants.  I think I'll call someone who
needs cheering up tomorrow.  These plants can wait!
PS: Go to The Ivy Nest for some wonderful pictures of FROST!


  1. They look nice and healthy!

  2. Dear Lottie,
    You said the magic word..."frost". I'm a winter gal through and through and can appreciate a nice cold day...especially after a hot day like today.
    I love a good, hardy that can root for a long time if need be, and thrive beautifully upon being potted.
    Blissful tidings to you..and may the cool winds blow your way. xo!

  3. I can sympathize! The weather here is in the high nineties (way to hot to garden). My poor little garden plants are drooping a little bit. Your pothos starts look fabulous,though! I admire your green thumb.

  4. That and the potato plant are the easiest to root. Yours are really doing well.

  5. wonderful pictures i don't have a green thumb though :-( I've been lucky to keep my aloe vera alive this long as it is, lol.

  6. Great idea! I have one growing above my cupboards and it is getting out of control. Thanks for saving me!!