Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Walk Out to the Garden

This year, our little garden has done great! I think it is because DH
has been totally in charge.  I used to try to plant things, but now I
just pick things and cook them.  It works out better that way!
Here is an update of the garden.
The tomatoes by the deck have really gotten tall and are producing
lots of tomatoes for the dinner table.
DH took the seeds from one heirloom, Brandywine, tomato
and planted all these plants.  They are bushier than the rest
and the tomato is a purple color.  Can't wait till these start.
The okra are coming along.
We grew beets this year.  I've never grown beets and don't know
what to do with them, but there is always the internet!
We have a few eggplants, too.
And a few bell pepper plants.  The bugs seem to like them, too!
And the cucumbers are climbing up the string.  I hope we get
lots of cucumbers this year!

Thank you for walking out to the garden with me today.  I love
seeing all my bloggy friend's gardens. Have a great day!


  1. Everything looks so lush and healthy! Pickled beets and harvard beets are always good. :)

  2. Your garden looks so wonderful. When you find out about beets please share the recipes. I hear they are very good for you and hubby loves them, but I only know of one way to serve them and that can get old at times. Again, Congrats to Hubby for a job well done in the garden.

  3. Wow! Everything looks great. What a blessing to just walk outside and pick something for lunch or dinner. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! I thoroughly enjoyed our walk through it. I have never grown eggplant, but have always wanted to. I like to pickle my beet when they get the size of golf balls. I also just like boiling them and eating them with butter and pepper on them.
    P.S. I am very jealous of your amazing looking tomato plants.

  5. How wonderful! I have had squirrels taking a bite out of my tomatoes - one bite and leaving the rest to rot! Dastardly critters! Your garden looks great - it has been extremely hot here too - and dry! Hopefully we'll get some relief soon!
    God Bless,

  6. I am thinking tomato sandwiches along with some fried. Love that okra. Very nice garden.