Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Speed of Spring

Spring is coming and going so quickly!  I took a walk around the block this morning and noticed all the buds and blooms have already opened.  It has all happened so quickly!  These beautiful pansies have wilted in today's heat.  I have to remind myself to enjoy life by the minute.

A flowering quince is only blooming for a week!  I'll have to be sure to notice it every day.  Treasure today!

A sleeping cat in the sun! What treasures life is made of!  Treasure every day!

  • I get a couple of phone calls a day from friends and family just checking in.  It warms my heart.  Why don't you call someone today just to check in on them?
Spring is wonderful, but the mornings are still a little chilly!  Hard to cook breakfast in a cold kitchen,  I do miss the fire in the wood stove these mornings!

Treasure today,


  1. I went outside today too and saw that spring is finally here with things having blooms on them. Kitty looks so cute soaking in the sun.

  2. Your cat looks to be enjoying the weather quite comfortably, Lottie. Those warm spring days have a way of making anyone sleepy.
    Here in the mountains we had quite the snow storm. Looked like winter all over again. Our grandsons are here visiting with us for the week and they were in all their glory playing in that fresh snow. :) Some of the joys of life in all its simplicity.

    I appreciated your words of encouragement to call someone and check in on them.

    Have a beautiful Easter.

  3. It was nice for a few days and dipped in to the 30's so even though its spring the weather is a bit confused. NO flowers yet just buds popping everywhere. So nice to see flowers in your garden, and glad you're back!

  4. Welcome back, Lottie. I missed you! It's nice to hear you are enjoying the spring days. Your cat looks so peaceful just laying there in the sun. I love that last picture, so pretty. It's getting warmer here too, but still cool in the mornings.

    Happy Easter, my friend.


  5. So pretty! But it sounds like your spring is fleeting. We are just heading into spring with crocuses and nothing much else in the garden right now. Enjoy the fleeting season!

  6. Spring is moving right along now if we could have the
    warm weather again.

    Happy Easter!

    M : )

  7. Spring is here,but it was a little chilly this morning. Yes, we should treasure each day and be aware of every blessing for time goes by so fast.