Thursday, August 8, 2013

Healthy August

In July , I wrote a post about how I was challenging myself to walk 26 miles over the 31 days of July.  Well... I did it!   In fact, I walked 31 miles! I was amazed at how easy it was to remind myself to walk everyday.  We even drove to the walking track at the lake (20 miles) a couple of times just to shake things up!

 It takes twenty-one days for the
 mind and body to create a new habit.
                                                                     --- Checklist for Life for Women

I must have created a habit because here it is the 8th of August and I'm still walking!   One thing seemed a little strange to me, however.  It looks like I would have lost weight, but  I weighed exactly the same as when I started?

30 minutes brisk walking = 300 calories burned
                                                                      -- Roizen and Oz, You on a Diet

How could I burn an extra 300 calories a day and still not lose weight?   I had to admit to myself that  I was eating like it was still the 4th of July!  Time to make a change!

My Healthy August challenge is to follow a portion control diet the five weeks of August.  I have been writing down everything I have eaten and have been eating LOTS of vegetables.  Maybe I'll create another habit!  I'll let you know how it goes at the end of August.

Hope you are having a healthy August, too!


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  1. How are your clothes fitting? You may have gained muscle and still weigh the same, but your clothes get looser. My husband and I started waling 2 1/2 miles each clothes are looser, but I still weigh about the same...he on the other hand has lost about 10lbs and it shows!Good luck...and have a great day!!

    1. Yes, my clothes are looser, my pants anyway! I can really tell I have muscles in my legs now! Congrats on your husband losing 10 lbs! I'm sure you look great! Have a great day,too!

  2. Oh how great for you! You are an inspiration, since August is my birth month (10th) I may have to take the rest of this month and start walking more every day and not just to walk my puppy!

  3. Your dog will love the extra walking! Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

  4. I'm so proud of you, Lottie! You are an encouragement to me. I have begun to keep a food diary too and I know it helps.

    Please keep blogging about the healthy steps you're taking. I'll be reading!