Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kitchen Rewards

I made a goal during the month of February to clean 
every inch of my kitchen and my pantry.  I work full
time in another city so the only time I can clean (love)
my kitchen is on weekends.  I worked really hard but I
didn't finish before the end of February.  I had set up a 
reward for myself anyway.  I wanted to make a change 
in the den/gathering room off the kitchen.  Nothing
drastic...just a little more color.

I bought some new curtains (valances), a new table 
cloth, and matching cushions on the chairs.  Altogether
I spent $48.  Wow! What an improvement!



The walls are a coral/pink color with tiny blue flower
wall paper.  I really LOVE the color! It was in the house 
when we bought it.

 I love the new look...but something is bothering me
about the whole deal.  I don't know why I had to set 
myself up to EARN this makeover as a REWARD for 
cleaning every inch of the kitchen.  And I had the $48 at
the beginning of the month of February.  I don't know 
why I had to put it away in a paper envelope to give to
myself as a REWARD for the kitchen clean.  Why do 
women do this?  Why do we play games with our self?

I LOVE the makeover and it make's me smile. I guess 
that's all that matters in the long run "-) 

Thank you for visiting today!



  1. Hmm, why do we do it? I don't! ha! But it would help to have the incentive to really do some major cleaning. I need more bloggers to write about their cleaning--I have seen a few this week and perhaps I will remember to get doing this!

  2. You did a great job decorating and it looks beautiful. I know what you mean I do the same thing. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments about our new living room.

  3. Hi, Lottie. I came over from Show Off Your Cottage Monday because I saw you were last on the list, sugar. Now, I wonder if anyone ever visits the last on the list so here I am. Nice to meet you.

    I cleaned my house today (oh, be still my beating heart!) because I couldn't stand it anymore. LOL

    I don't want to post something here so visit me and on my sidebar you'll see a place where you can email directly to me. I await your visit. This is NOT an ad for something. I truly have a hint for your blog. ;-0


  4. Your hard work paid off!
    Yes, you have to treat yourself...last week I had to work 15 hrs on Frid so Saturday I went out and bought myself a treat of pyrex.
    I love your fireplace...would love that in the kitchen.

  5. Good Morning Lottie Sweetie...
    Oh what a glorious share today. I love the new look that you dreamt and found. It is gorgeous. The grape tablecloth and chair pads, just set the scene do they not? I can see it makes your heart "Happy".

    That is alot of work to take on cleaning every square inch. WOW.I commend you dear one.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. Lemons do grow in Arizona. This tree of ours was grown from a seed, and we were told because we grew it from a seed it would never bear fruit. (Per the gent at the nursery) Well God stepped in on this one, as we have so much fruit, we share and share and share. It is my pride and joy when I step out the back door, and right now it smells heavenly.

    Have a glorious Sunday dear friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry