Monday, November 28, 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

Times have been busy at My Blue Cottage!  But I found a little time
to put up a few decorations on Saturday.  Would you like a little
tour?  I would love to show you around!  I finished the tree on
Saturday.  It is a just right tree for my family.  Not too fancy.

My mantle decorations are simple, too.  Candlesticks, baskets, and
this and that.

I love wreaths.  I didn't take pictures of all of them.  Here are just
a few.

Every year we have to have something tacky!  This year we hung
snowflakes off the roof next to the deck and a blinking star! LOL!
Of course, every year we have deer in the front yard.
Thank you for visiting with us today!  I used  to decorate "bigger",
and I don't know what happened.  I guess I feel very happy with 
what I have now.  No need to go "bigger".

I do love going on house tours, especially at Christmas.
Thank you for sharing your homes on your blogs!


  1. I seem not to put out as much as I use to. One year with my house on the Christmas house tour did me in!
    I love wreaths too. just love getting the tree up, turning off the lights and enjoying it.

  2. Your decorations look lovely. I will be putting mine out this weekend hopefully.

  3. You are further ahead than I am on decorating. I put my tree in the living room last week and I am now just getting around to decorating it.
    I like the picture of your home , pretty blue.
    Snowflakes are fun and I may get some yet to hang outside.

  4. I like to go simpler too! Love those hanging lit stars. I love the wreaths--something special about wreaths...not sure what!

  5. Very pretty decorations and tree.

    You know this is the time of year to just go with tacky or whatever makes you happy:)