Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finding Balance in the North Georgia Mountains!

Ever had an opportunity to visit an Alpine village in Germany?  No, not
me.  But we went to a neat place for a weekend getaway in Helen, GA.
It is a pretty little place to visit!  :-)

We stayed in an adorable spot along the river.


And we visited antique shops and a neat country store, Old Sautee Store.

Inside the store, it is like walking back into the past.

Of course, an old country store has to be warmed by a fire.  That
is my sweet DH by the fire.

 It was a great getaway!  It was a beautiful weekend.  And we
saw this beautiful ice fountain in town.

Which brings me to two points.  First, gosh, what a beautiful ice
fountain!  If I had not gotten out and put my coat on to take this trip,
I would have never seen it.  And, seeing it with my DH made it all
that more special.  (He got out of the car and took
the picture for me. :-)  We could have  stayed home this weekend
and watched TV, or we could have gone on a trip!

Second, we need to always have balance in our lives.  We have
both been working hard this winter and we both were tired.We
tried taking short trips and we were just tired from driving.  We
needed to get out and get away from work and have fun!  I'll try
to keep more balance from now on.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I always like seeing vacation
pictures on blogs.  It makes me feel like I was there, too!


  1. Your trip sounds wonderful and Thank you for sharing. Loved the fountain.


  2. What a beautiful and serene place!! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Some times we just have to get away!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What great pictures. Sounds like a perfect trip! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved all the pictures and what an awesome place you visited. We are going to the Ozarks in June and I can't wait.

    You have a beautiful blog... and you have a new follower. :)