Thursday, May 26, 2016

Everything Has A Story - Chest of Drawers

In 1982, we bought this chest of drawers in Greenville, South Carolina at an antique furniture store for $176.  It was for our newborn baby boy.

My mother made the blue checked scarf on top out of the blue fabric I sewed for curtains.  Oh how I remember folding his little clothes in the drawers.

When our son was two years old, I walked into his room and he had pulled out the drawers just enough so he could climb up the drawers and sit on top, dangling his legs!  
"Oh no you don't", I said and moved the chest of drawers into my room, for the next thirty-two years!

My dear son grew to be a fine man and was working 350 miles away from us in Virginia when he mentioned that he was looking for a small dresser for his upstairs apartment.  It was time to move it back to his room :-) 

Many bloggers write about how they are downsizing at this time of their lives and how much better they feel after doing it! I was so happy giving this piece of furniture to my son.

When we took the chest of drawers to his home and he folded his clothes in the drawers, I felt my heart smile!  

Everything has a story!



  1. I doubt he will be sitting on it now. : )

    Life does go full circle at times.

    M : )

  2. What a pretty dresser. I'm glad he has it back now; like Melinda said, life does go full circle. Thanks for sharing the story with us.

  3. What a lovely piece of furniture. I've always liked the dark furniture. This dresser holds many memories for you I'm sure. After living in a big home for years, we downsized also. It's much easier to take care of now.


  4. That is such a sweet story! I really love it when our kids want something of ours, of course some things they're going to have to wait for!