Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Decor Colors in 2015

I bought two green (acid green? chartreuse? ) coffee cups on my shopping trip last weekend. I  couldn't pass them up for $1.65 each.

 I love them! 

  I don't drink coffee so I bought them to collect pens and pencils... and provide color.

Brenda of Cozy Little House says "I will choose colors that merely make me smile."

 That is what I want to do.  I want to walk in my home and smile!  So I put it to the test.

We do a lot of paperwork on the dining room table so I have two cups of pens and pencils on a lazy Susan in the middle of the table. No emotional response.from the white cup.  So I changed it out for the green cup just to see if I felt any different.

(Yes, I have a baby gate over the window to keep Sardis from jumping up on the window.)

I love it!  It does make me smile! But why? 

Could it be that my first stove and refrigerator was avocado green back in 1973? 

Or my handsome new husband drove an acid green Toyota pickup in 1977?

It could be any reason.  They only cost $1.65 each anyway.
  (sarcasm) I really take big risks when it comes to decorating.  

New decor colors in 2015 will be colors that make me smile, like the colors I see outside my kitchen window after supper.

 Don't get so busy in 2015 that you don't see the beautiful colors around you!



  1. Happy New Year, Lottie!

    What a lovely idea to have your writing supplies in that pretty green cup and placing everything on a lazy Susan is brilliant, just like the colours in that blazing sky!

    Have a wonderful day, Lottie!


  2. A pop of color always makes me smile,
    especially if it is a color I like.

    M : )

  3. Cute cups Lottie. I say buy and collect what makes you happy!

  4. I love the new colors for 2015 too! And I have a summer shirt of your green color that for some reason looks good on me. I am loving Brenda's posts on the new colors too, Lottie. Can't wait to see what she does with them.

  5. I think that is the perfect way to choose colors, whether for wearing or in your decor! Your green cup reminded me of the FiestaWare color, Shamrock. I started buying Fiesta several years ago, only buying one set in each color as I could afford it. I now have about 20 place settings, and I call them my "happy" dishes. Hubby put glass in two of my cupboards where I have most of the Fiesta, and yes, it does make me smile whenever I'm in the kitchen.

  6. The Toyota was 'acid green', that is what the color code on the firewall referenced, not chartreuse. Also he got it used in 1977. It was a 1976 model year.

    1. I meant my husband was new (almost new, we had been married three years) and you are right about the "acid green" color ... I'll correct it :)