Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eerie Feeling about Government

I'm sorry,  In a weak moment of frustration, I ranted a little about the now over government shutdown.  I want my blog to be an uplifting place so this morning I am deleting the post, although just like spoken words,  you can never make it go away. 

Hope you have a great day today!  I'm off to the store to buy materials to make a wreath for my fence. 



  1. As a Canadian, I've sat back and wondered what the heck is going on south of the border. Glad that things will be getting back to normal soon.

  2. This is your blog and if you feel the need
    to speak on an issue that is ok. Unfortunately
    we can't delete some aspects of life, we just have
    to deal with it.
    You are always positive!

    M : )

  3. Well, Lottie, now you have me curious as I didn't get a chance to visit blogs much yesterday. I know how you feel though, whatever your take on it was. We were all frustrated. Family members from both parties have had a ball lately posting quotes and pictures about the situation. I determined when I began blogging that I was going to stay away from politics on it because I sometimes feel myself becoming apolitical due to the extremists of both parties. I should say 3 parties as my oldest grandson is a--well, there goes a senior moment! I've forgotten the name of the 3rd party! Funny.

    I have bloggers on my blogroll that do make it clear what party they support, and they're from both parties. It doesn't bother me a bit. I like reading what they think. It's just when someone has the attitude that the people who support the other party are stupid that I have to tune out. I don't know why people can't have reasonable discussions without labeling. But I know they often can't. In my own home I have learned not to argue because my dear spouse has a blind spot in that area. It's either his view (where politics are concerned) or no view. And I never tell him who I vote for! Ha!

    Like you, I want my blog to be uplifting too, but sometimes, Lottie, life is made up of things that make us sad, or mad, and I think we must share them, must talk about them. We ought to be able to do that. So don't worry, dear!