Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goals That Are Written Down

Goals that are not written down are just wishes!

Makes sense.  DH and I tried something different to 
accomplish our goals.  We made a deadline of two months.
That was because we wanted to accomplish all our goals
before it became dark earlier outside and before cold temps.
So these were our goals to accomplish by Nov. 1st.  Do you
see what was wrong with the list?

1.  Paint the house.
2.  Clean the yard
3.  Shampoo the carpet, upstairs and down

4.  Cut two trees in the front yard
5.  Clean out the gardening shed
6.  Clean out the garage

7.  Work on updating the Wills
8.  Clean the study (files, cabinets, desks, computers)
9.  Look for a new car

10.  Trip to Alabama
11.  Trip to Charleston

Too Long!!!!!
Yes, we just about killed ourselves working on our goals, but all
except for one (garden shed), we accomplished them all.  Some
took longer than expected (painting the house) and some cost
more than we expected (wow, what a trip to Charleston), but
some were definitely worth it( updating Wills and the study)!
Some seemed more like fun (cutting down the trees and working
in the yard), while others were down and dirty work (garage)!
In fact, next year, the only goal for October will be to clean out
the garage.  The weather was perfect, but it involved every day.
We only looked for a new car one weekend because after we
saw what it cost, we decided just to keep fixing the Oldsmobile.
But it was fun looking at new or pre-owned cars.  Poor DH, he
had to do most of the work.  We will decide what to put on our
new list of goals for November and December on Nov. 1st.

We know two items for November already.
1.  Rake Leaves
2.  Have Fun!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Good for you Lottie. We are so behind in our goals it is not funny. I was hoping we would be done by now, but not so. Have a great weekend too.

  2. Ok...I think you deserve to modify your Nov. list a bit. Might I suggest:

    1) Have fun! then...
    2) Rake the leaves.

    You've been working way too hard!

  3. The house looks like a christmas card. Its the first time I have seen it in the winter time.

    Sorry you could not make it to Alabama. Enjoyed the dinner with your "DH" at the "Old home place".