Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adding New Celebrations

The holidays were wonderful celebrations.  This year I added two new celebrations to my calendar.

One was the Winter Solstice.  It had always been just the first day of winter on the calendar, nothing more.  Then this year I started following blogs and found pictures of Winter Solstice dinners! What a romantic celebration with lots of candlelight! I'm already looking forward to this celebration for next year.  The second new celebration was New Year's Day!  We invited family over for a traditional lunch and had the most fun this year!

A friend told me last week that she was feeling a little down since the holidays were over and she missed all the fun.  I started thinking about how we have "little" celebrations all the time.  So here are a few "little" celebrations throughout the years:
  • Wednesday Family Spaghetti - A neighbor over twenty years ago started this one.  EVERY Wed. night, she invited ALL her family over for spaghetti, salad, bread and dessert.  She had tables and chairs set up on her screened-in side porch and our street was full of parked cars from her children and grandchildren.   I really envied her Wednesday Family Spaghetti, because I lived far from my extended family. 
  • Thursday Shopping Nights - This sounds strange, but I used to treasure the time I took to be alone and go shopping.  I could get around to the stores faster if I'm by myself.  I used to always leave right after work and eat dinner out by myself at Chick-Fil-La.
  • Friday Family Night - When my children were small, we lived close to a high school football stadium and could hear the band playing at half-time. We always ate something fun, like home-made pizza or hamburgers that night and sat in the porch swing in the back yard listening to the band.
  • Summer Saturdays - One summer I was in school when my children were small and I had "no" time to play with them or have fun.  So on Saturdays, I stopped everything and we went to the lake to swim, cook out, or ride in the boat.  The kids loved that summer! (Me, too!).
When you think about it, every day should be a celebration of life.  Do you have any special celebrations you observe?


      1. My family loves to celebrate Winter Solstice and we do Summer Solstice too. I like doing little celebrations in January too because of the let down after Christmas. I also like to take at least one day a month and celebrate something.


      2. It's so important to take the time to make special memories for our families. One year, when my children were small, we started lighting candles at dinner. The kids loved it and I think it helped them to settle down a bit and eat!